Basic motivation for the launch of the MTD project was to obtain a source of high-quality data for clinical research.

We provide our partners with complete technical and administrative support for clinical trials focused on the collection and processing of patient´s vital data during both long-term and short-term monitoring. We respect and follow GCP principles as one of quality indicators.

The current technology we use enables monitoring the following vital parameters:

• ECG (several options for different indications)
• Blood pressure (both long-term and short-term monitoring)
• Blood glucose levels
• Prothrombin time
• Weight
• Activity
• O2 saturation
• Functional lung assessment

We are able to propose a solution for a wide range of indications by combining these diagnostic methods. All used methods are based on the immediate transfer of data obtained from the patient. Technical support is provided for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MDT provides administrative service for clinical studies performed by our partners:

• CRO – drafting of project documents
• Regulatory support
• Monitoring of source documents
• Logistics support
• Data collection on site
• ECG Core Lab – independent ECG data evaluation and processing performed by specialists