You can order a diagnostic device without a need to visit a doctor’s office. It is sufficient to make a call at the phone number +420 724706524 (Czech Republic) or +421 907754992 (Slovak Republic) or complete an on-line form. After that, the monitor is sent to the patient via registered mail. The device is returned after monitoring is completed.

All our recording devices are very simple to handle and function fully automatically. The patient will receive the device accompanied by detailed instructions and telephone numbers of our technical support staff (who are available for the entire monitoring period).

All ECG recordings are evaluated by a cardiologist. The results are sent by mail.

Act upon the following scheme


Device ordering

All our devices can be ordered by means of an on-line form or using the following telephone numbers: +420 514 514 480.

Device delivery

The ordered device is delivered to your home by means of registered mail. You will receive the device accompanied by detailed instructions and telephone numbers of our technical support staff, a cell phone for automatic transfer of ECG recordings, a cell phone charger, a return envelope to be used to return the device, and other appurtenances necessary for monitoring.

Taking measurements

Measurements are taken in accordance with the procedure described in the instructions for use. It may be carried out for days or months depending on complaints and the device type. Obtained data is immediately sent to theMDTCenterwhere it are processed and evaluated by medical specialists. The procedure is completely automatic. You only need to carry the cell phone, which is part of the kit, in the vicinity of the device.

Returning the device

After the measuring is completed, please send us the device in the return envelope.

Receiving the results

The results will be sent to you by mail. It is recommended to consult the physician who will propose further treatment based on the results.

Doctor’s consultation

With the final report, see your doctor, who will consult with you further diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Video tutorials

Demonstration of proper use of individual devices, using easy to understand video tutorials


Examples of specific cases and their evaluation

Order form

Order of measuring devices for telemedicine measurement